Project Office

Stabilo International. A name that provides a comforting feeling for many trade fair organizations in and outside Europe. And rightfully so, because for over twenty-five years we have been setting up the infrastructure for trade fairs, building and fitting them to perfection, booth by booth, square by square. Stabilo International is located at the Flight Forum business park in Eindhoven, close to Eindhoven Airport, to ensure that we may quickly travel to any destination in the world to set to work.

We have customers in widely divergent branches of the events world. They may be organizers of art fairs, luxury lifestyle events, sporting events, watch and jewellery shows, specialized trade fairs and fashion shows. Our customers deploy us for a variety of tasks, ranging from the design of uniform exhibition booth building to the production of a total trade fair show. Our knowledge of and experience with larger and smaller events make us an excellent consultant as far as the technical interpretation of the event is concerned.

Stabilo International aims to work closely together with the organizer of the event and its customers, as collaboration is the only way to achieve the desired result!


Through good collaboration with various external parties we are capable of turnkey delivery. These parties each have their own field of expertise, such as floor suppliers, decorators, painters and various suppliers of furniture. Through years of collaborating with these parties we have become such a good team that we are now able to work quickly, yet consistently.

Stabilo International has a network of over 250 freelance booth builders, carpenters and electricians at its disposal. These freelance workers come from all over the Netherlands and they enable us to quickly move between different large and small projects.


Design Office

You may request the Stabilo International design office to provide a concept and the design of your event. Our basic principle here is always that the event must be successful for both the visitors and the exhibitors. Our designers will always come up with a surprising design that meets the requirements of the trade fair organization and the purpose of the event. The arrangement of the hall, the uniform build, the atmosphere, catering, the complete look and feel of the event are developed by us. We present our ideas to the organizers of the event using photorealistic visualization.

Uniform Build

By using uniform booths we aim for unity among the various exhibitors at one and the same trade fair. This is beneficial for both the organization and the exhibitor. The uniformly built booths of Stabilo International are always made up of wooden wall panels, providing a clean and luxurious appearance. The booths are delivered with floor and wall covering and electrics in place. Depending on the exhibitor’s wishes we may opt for varying colours and the booth may be fitted with furniture and decorations.

Technical trade fair organization

Organizing a Trade Fair/Event requires a lot of effort, which is why trade fair organizations decide to outsource the technical aspects that require specific knowledge. Stabilo International provides the total package of technical guidance of the trade fair for these organizations.

Among other things, this consists of:

  • Providing the standard booth built in wood, including carpet tiles, lighting, furniture and name plate
  • Providing the hall arrangements
  • Providing line up of the hall
  • Providing furniture for the participants
  • Providing the signs on and around the trade fair/event
  • Dressing up the hall creating the required atmosphere
  • Providing support with the guidance at the trade fair organization’s location during construction, the first day of the fair and deconstruction.
  • Because each trade fair/event has its own specific characteristics and requirements and each location is different from the other, our package of technical guidance also varies per trade fair/event.
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